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Combined Heat and Power Units located in Nebraska

  State   City Organization Name Facility Name Application   SIC4     NAICS     Op Year    Prime Mover   Capacity (kw)   Fuel Type 
NE Bayard Western Sugar Co Western Sugar Co Bayard Food Processing 2062 311312 1995 Boiler/Steam Turbine 1,500   NG
NE Bellevue City of Omaha Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater Treatment 4952 22132 1987 Reciprocating Engine 1,500   BIOMASS
NE Bridgeport Bridgeport Ethanol Bridgeport Ethanol Chemicals 2869 325199 2009 Waste Heat to Power 2,000   WAST
NE Columbus Archer Daniels Midland Archer Daniels Columbus Chemicals 2869 325199 2009 Boiler/Steam Turbine 70,000   COAL
NE Dodge Danny Kluthe Farm Danny Kluthe Farm Agriculture 241 11212 2005 Reciprocating Engine 80   BIOMASS
NE Lincoln Archer Daniels Midland Company Lincoln Food Processing 2075 311222 1988 Boiler/Steam Turbine 7,900   COAL
NE Lincoln University of Nebraska University of Nebraska Colleges/Univ. 8221 61131 . Combined Cycle 4,500   NG
NE Lincoln Lincoln Wastewater Div Of Public Works Theresa St. Utilities Of City Of Lincoln Wastewater Treatment 4952 22132 1992 Reciprocating Engine 900   BIOMASS
NE Omaha First National Bank of Omaha First National Bank of Omaha Banks 6035 52212 1999 Fuel Cell 800   NG
NE Omaha Omaha Zoo Omaha Zoo Museums/Zoos 8400 71399 2002 Fuel Cell 200   NG
NE Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Henry Doorly Zoo Museums/Zoos 8421 71213 2001 Fuel Cell 200   NG
NE Omaha City of Omaha Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater Treatment 4952 22132 1985 Reciprocating Engine 3,000   BIOMASS
NE Omaha Omaha District Energy System / Energy Systems Omaha District Energy Plant District Energy 4961 22133 2003 Reciprocating Engine 6,000   OTR
NE Omaha General Growth Proper Tire Inc Westroads Shopping Center General Merch. Stores 5311 45299 1977 Reciprocating Engine 4,600   NG
NE Omaha Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Old Mill Hotels 7011 72111 1987 Reciprocating Engine 82   NG
NE Scottsbluff Original Equipment Corporation Original Equipment Corporation Trnsportation Equipment 3700 336 1964 Reciprocating Engine 30   NG
NE Wisner City of Wisner Wisner District Energy 4961 22133 1969 Reciprocating Engine 1,800   OIL

  Prime Mover Code   Description         Fuel Code   Description
 B/ST  Boiler/Steam Turbine  BIOMASS  Biomass, LFG, Digester Gas, Bagasse
 CC  Combined Cycle  COAL  Coal
 CT  Combustion Turbine  NG  Natural Gas, Propane
 FCEL  Fuel Cell  OIL  Oil, Distillate Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, RFO
 MT  Microturbine  WAST  Waste, Waste Heat, MSW, Black Liquor, Blast Furnace Gas, Petroleum Coke, Process Gas  
 ERENG  Reciprocating Engine  WOOD  Wood, Wood Waste
 WHR  Waste Heat Recovery  OTR  Other
 OTR  Other    

State Summary for Nebraska

  Prime Mover     Sites     Capacity (kW)  
 Total 17 105,092    
 Boiler/Steam Turbine 3 79,400    
 Combined Cycle 1 4,500    
 Combustion Turbine 0 0    
 Fuel Cell 3 1,200    
 Microturbine 0 0    
 Other 0 0    
 Reciprocating Engine 9 17,992    
 Waste Heat to Power 1 2,000